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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a high quality bicycle that looks like a car from the 19th century.

It is a system that makes pedaling very easy. Its main purpose is to assist the rider to cycle with minimum effort.

It activates automatically as soon as you start pedaling.

Unfortunately not.

Yes as long as they can reach the pedals while seated on the seat.

Yes of course, you can come any time you want to check them.

The starting point is in our Parking in Platanias on a back road with limited traffic.

We only offer this bike to customers who want to enjoy the route Platanias- Drakiana.

They are the same as all vehicles driven on the road.

Yes there are many spots on the road that you can stop and enjoy the moment.

Yes all the bikes have tents for the sun.

Yes, keep your legs always on the pedals even if you don’t participate a lot to the pedaling effort.

Yes, take your time, no need to rush, enjoy the nature, have fun and take pictures.

You can do it online or you can come and visit us in our office in Platanias.

It is in the same building with Kappa Car Rental at the center of Platanias village.

A person with normal health will be fine. If you have any health problems, heart condition or orthopedic problems you should avoid it. After all it still is a bicycle.