The Route

The Route

Cycling the route Platanias- Drakiana

The journey starts from our parking where our representative will show you the basics on how to use the bike and give you a few tips for the route and the ride. The total distance to reach Drakiana Park and to return is 7.4 km.

On the way to Drakiana you will be able to see local farmers’ fields with olive trees and fruit bearing trees like orange trees, mandarin trees and lemon trees. The last years in Crete it has become very popular the cultivation of avocado and the area is suitable for growing avocado. You will see the avocado tree at all its’ stages of growth from a 2 meter nursery tree to a fully grown tree. Also, during the way you can see from above a plant nursery of many different kinds of flowers owned by locals.

In that area there are two churches which are both dedicated to Agios Georgios.  The first church is lime white and it is located in the middle of the trip and the second has the the color of the local stone and it is approximately 100 meters after Drakiana Park.

Drakiana Park is a quiet place full of plane trees next to Keritis river. Also, there are wood tables and benches for you to rest and enjoy the moment or even make a picnic.

The road is a normal road with cars but it is a quiet country road without much traffic on it. On this trip you will be able to see the wild nature of Platanias and also the local agriculture and cultivation. Our bikes provide a great way to explore the area and the electric assistance will make the journey even more relaxed!

Take your time, take many pictures, enjoy the ride!

Turtle Bikes Parking

Turtle bikes Parking area in PlataniasIt is our Parking where the trip starts and ends. For the customers that are coming with their own car we also have free parking spaces available. For all the others we meet in our office in Platanias and then we drive you over there.


Plant Nursery view

Flower nursery at PlataniasOn your way to Drakiana you will be able to see a local plant nursery from above. The flowers and the plants are meant to decorate hotels, gardens, wedding ceremonies, celebrations etc…

Agios Georgios Church

Agios Georgios PlataniasOn your way back we recommend to make a stop at the church of Agios Georgios. The church is of lime white traditional colour and there is available parking space for your bike.

Drakiana Park

You have reached Drakiana Park and Keritis River. There are tables and beches where you can relax and enjoy the nature.

Agios Georgios Church

Agios Georgios ChurchApproximately 100 meters after Drakiana Park you will find another church. It is the second church in that area dedicated to Agios Georgios. The church is built by stone. The exact date of the church is not known but it is estimated to be over 400 years old.

Here you turn around and your journey of return has started.