Terms and Safety Regulations

Terms and Safety Regulations

Safety is at the core of our values, and we take every precaution to ensure your well-being during your adventure. Read below our terms and safety regulations:

  • The renter and driver of the bicycle must be 22 years old or more.
  • For renters of age between 18-22 years it is required a car’s driving license.
  • The bikes can be used only on that specific route “Platanias – Drakiana”.
  • These bikes are not to be used off road, non-paved roads, sand or dirt paths.
  • The bikes are covered with a basic third party insurance for bicycles.
  • The renter has checked the bike before rental and found it in good condition, the renter must return it also in the same good condition as it was at the beginning of the rental. In case of damages due to improper use of the bike the renter will be hold accountable and will pay for the damages.
  • Infants or very young children are not to be seated at the front area, if that happens it is with the parents’ responsibility.
  • The front area can be used only for storage of personal items.
  • The seats of the bicycles are specific and every person must keep the feet on the pedals during the ride.